Why Magnetic Baby Clothes Are What Every Parent Needs

Finding the right clothes for a baby can be a challenge for most parents. Not only do clothes need to be the right size, warm or cool enough, and feature a pleasant design, but they also need to be practical and convenient. Any parent that is looking for an easier type of baby garment will find baby offer all of the advantages of regular clothes, without any fiddly buttons or zips that can make baby changing a difficult process.

Any parent looking for a simpler and more efficient way to dress their children will be able to benefit from magnetic clothing. These are the top reasons why these innovative clothes are best for a growing child.

1. It Makes It Much Easier to Dress Active Children

For parents that have a baby who simply doesn't want to stop moving, magnetic fasteners on baby clothes allow for speedy dressing and undressing. Often, parents will find themselves fiddling with clasps, buttons, and zips and buckles. With magnetic baby clothes, it's literally a snap to get babies in and out of their clothes.

2. Magnetic Baby Clothes Are Safer

Even safety zippers on baby clothes can be risky, and there's an ever present chance of getting a baby's finger, hair, or skin caught in a zipper. With magnetic clothing there are no dangerous fastening systems, so even parents that are rushing to dress their children won't have any trouble getting things done quickly and safely.

3. There are No Buttons or Clasps to Break or Get Lost in the Wash

Replacing buttons on baby clothes can be time-consuming and frustrating. With snap type clasps, there's really no easy way to repair or replace them. Parents that choose magnetic baby clothes won't need to worry about clasps or buttons being pulled off, getting caught on items in the house, or getting lost in the wash. Magnetic baby fasteners are stitched safely inside the fabric of the clothing so that they can never be lost or broken.

4. Magnetic Baby Clothing is Ready for Adventure

Parents that like the concept of magnetic fasteners will often wonder whether the magnets would have enough strength to stay on the most active babies. High-quality magnetic baby clothing uses strong magnets that contain no dangerous trace minerals. They're strong enough that they will stay secure on a baby and are tamper proof for most babies up to one year of age. They're ready for rolling, crawling, baby's first steps, and for exploring around the house. Any parent concerned about the strength of magnetic clothing can have peace of mind knowing that the magnetic clasps are just as secure as traditional solutions.

5. Magnetic Clasps Are Used on a Variety of Garments

Shirts, jumpers, pajamas, onesies, and even long magnetic gowns are available for babies of all ages and sizes. There's newborn wear available with magnetic clasps, as well as clothing for a baby as they begin to crawl and walk. DK Wittle Ones Children's Boutique is one of the more popular suppliers of magnetic baby clothes for newborns and their baby gowns, onesies, and magnetic footie clothes are adorable as well as practical.

No Compromises with Innovative Clothing

Parents can get the exact same styles, clothing items, and designs that are available with standard buttons and clasps. Magnetic baby clothes make sense for every new parent and are the safest and easiest way to keep any baby warm and well dressed.

Article kindly provided by dkwittleones.boutiquetmagnetic-me