Why I Love My Diet Coke T-Shirt

I knew it was fate when I went to the thrift-store and found an" I love diet Coke" t-shirt. I am the perfect person to own a diet Coke t-shirt and someone in the store sensed a diet Coke lover would be shopping or it was a higher power. And for only $2.99! Sure diet coke is a part of pop culture and if you ask a handful of women they are all going to say they love diet Coke. But I really love diet Coke and now I have a t-shirt to prove it. It's the perfect shade of grey, like washed stone, and the lettering curves as as seen on Coke products, all black except "diet", the "diet" is written in red. The shirt is authentic, there isn't a label inside reading "vintage" like you find on a lot of resurgent massed produced t- shirts- Sugar Pops, Frosted Flakes, Mello Yello, found in department stores. Perfect fit too, as if it was made for me- short sleeves, not too tight around the bust, down to the hips. I love my I love diet Coke t-shirt! My t-shirt is casual but new looking enough to be worn with jeans, shorts, even my vintage skirts. I have a red knee length polyester skirt, perfect with the diet Coke t- shirt, together I give off an edgy vintage look. Sometimes I wear it to bed. I love my diet coke t-shirt, I really really do.

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