Why I'm Still a Big Fan of Analogue Watches

I'm lucky enough to be earning money via the internet. It means I can be anywhere in the world, so long as there's (reliable) internet connection that I can plug my laptop and Skype phone into. I've taken advantage of my opportunity to travel over the years, and I can find myself travelling through several time zones in any given month.

Despite my very 21st century lifestyle, I always insist on wearing an analogue watch. My U-Boat watch is my trusty companion that keeps me informed of the time, "old skool" style. I bought my U-boat at and it's been one of the few things I carry with me that hasn't let me down. There's something just so classic with the analogue face - it takes me back to the 70s - right back to when I was a kid - learning to tell the time. The long and short hands really do mark time so much better than mere digits. The smiles my watch gives me just after 10 and just before 2, the obtuse angle of the long hand pointing to 12, short hand to 5 - signalling my daily emancipation from work (for much of my previous life).

Digital time is too clinical for me - I feel almost judged by the digits when I'm running late. But my regular analogue watch seems a lot more laissez-faire about the time - so, the long hand is a smidge past the hour mark? Who cares. It's telling that analogue watches are cooler and popular than they've ever been. It shows I'm not the only one who has such a love for this mode of time telling.

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