What Keeps My Wardrobe Fabulously Golden

I've been watching "The Golden Girls" since it first aired in the 1980s. I was probably about four or five years old then and I'd watch it with my grandma on Saturday nights. Since then I have seen every episode at least three times in re-runs. It's one of my favorite shows, which is why I was so excited to find a "Golden Girls" t-shirt for sale at Delia's a few years ago. I snatched that thing up without a second thought. It's a blue t-shirt that bears a picture of all four "Golden Girls": Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia and Rose. Underneath the picture is a caption that reads "Stay Golden". For some reason I find that uplifting. I most enjoy wearing my t-shirt with jeans, but I will wear it with skirts, pants or shorts at times. I can throw a cardigan, jacket or hooded sweatshirt over it when it gets chilly. I have not yet tried wearing it with palazzo pants and boots a la Dorothy Zbornak from the show, but I might do it someday just for laughs.

Lately I've been wearing the shirt sparingly as I don't want it to wear out. I'm not sure I'd ever be able to find a shirt to replace it. My t-shirt is such a conversation starter and everyone loves it. It's special to me not only because I am such a big fan of "The Golden Girls" but this shirt helped me connect with my boyfriend. When I went on an online dating site I needed a quick picture to upload so I just took one in what I happened to be wearing. When this gentleman messaged me he happened to notice the top of Blanche Devereaux's head on my "Golden Girls" t-shirt. How could I resist a man who not only knew about "The Golden Girls' but could recognize and name a character from a t-shirt? I think I'll be keeping that shirt for a long time to come.

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