What Is A Kaftan And Why Do You Need One?

We are having some absolutely scorching hot weather in the UK at the moment - just in case you hadn't noticed. The sun coming out is such a rare occurrence that all us Brits want to do is strip off down to our swimming costumes. There are times though when swimsuits and bikinis are not entirely practical... or socially acceptable for that matter. So what is the magic answer to this problem? A of course! What on earth is one of those you say?

If the word Kaftan conjures up something exotic and mysterious, that's because it is. The word is said to come from 'Capton" which in Turkish means covering garment. The garment itself originates from Mesopotamia, an ancient region of Western Asia and is quite simply an overgarment with loose sleeves which may be worn with a belt. Kaftans are so versatile and easy to wear that there is evidence that they have been worn for thousands of years across many continents.

Is an ancient garment not a bit well... 'last season'? Absolutely not! In fact, the Kaftan is the height of fashion and an absolute must-have in your summer wardrobe! Whilst the Kaftan garment itself remains largely unchanged, it has moved with the times and been the subject of regular fashion updates. The addition of fringes, sequins and other embellishments can completely transform such a basic garment into something quite beautiful.

Here Are Ten Reasons Why You Need A Kaftan:
  1. You know that feeling when your skin has had about as much sunblock as it can take and you can still feel the heat sting your shoulders? A Kaftan is just enough to protect your precious skin from the harsh sun but light enough that you will not bake in the heat whilst wearing it.
  2. Have you ever headed out on a sunny afternoon not being entirely sure if it might turn into an evening dinner date? A belted Kaftan is perfectly acceptable attire for a restaurant in the evening.
  3. Are you planning a day at the beach but not sure you can stand it all day? Throw a Kaftan in your bag. Many tourist attractions or places of worship will not let you in with bare shoulders so it's the ideal thing to throw on in such a scenario.
  4. Are you planning on only taking hand luggage on holiday and want to maximise your wardrobe options whilst taking up a minimum amount of space? A Kaftan is a super versatile fashion cover-up which can be thrown on over a swimsuit or bikini in the daytime or worn with jeans and a vest top in the evening.
  5. Heading to the pool on a windy day? Kaftans are made from such superlight fabric that it doesn't matter if you throw them on over damp swimwear, they will dry almost instantly whilst protecting you from the breeze.
  6. Not sure how the weather is going to pan out today? No worries! You can throw a kaftan in your bag and it will hardly crease because they are made from such thin fabric. If you need it, perfect, you have it to hand. If not, no problem, it will hardly take up any room in your bag.
  7. Planning a party holiday in Ibiza? You may come across a dancefloor in an unexpected place at an unlikely time of day! A belted Kaftan makes an ideal party dress, make sure you are always prepared with one tucked away neatly in your bag.
  8. Are you having a hard time trying to find something plus sized and glamorous? Kaftans are so loose fitting that many of them are one size fits all.
  9. Don't want to splash out on a whole new maternity wardrobe just for summer knowing you'll never need them again? The one size fits all thing applies here too.
  10. Off to a festival and want something beautiful to wear, a kaftan should definitely be in your holdall. They're lightweight, hardly take up any space, look awesome with either sandals, pumps or wellies and won't make you die of heat exhaustion in a dance tent!
So there you have it. I think we've covered just about every scenario you might find yourself in this summer no matter who you are or where you're heading to! If we haven't, be sure to visit and let us know you wear yours.

Article kindly provided by ukswimwear.com