What Hair Extensions Technology the Safest Used

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The safest hair-building technology has been Italian for several years!

This method is suitable even for severely weakened hair: capsules can be formed in such a way that they will be very small in size and will not weigh the basal zone at all. In addition, the keratin granule can coincide with the tint of the roots, remaining invisible.

In the process, the master uses special hairdressers, which in turn warm up to the necessary temperature. This indicator largely depends on the type of hair, usually selected in the range from 90 to 180 degrees. For example, for thin locons, the minimum temperature is set so as not to damage the hairs.

Keratin is chosen organic: it does not cause allergic reactions, does not have a detrimental effect on follicles. In addition, the Italian build-up is quite easy to care for: you can use the usual shampoos and visit the bath, sauna, pool, capsules do not deform.

During the sock process, miniature granules are not felt, you can make them so invisible that even high hairstyles will not be banned. This is a great option for every girl.

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