What Gift to Get the Millennial Man or Women? Try a Wooden Watch

So I'm browsing the web looking for potential Christmas presents and not having a lot of luck, every bit of inspiration I was having turned out that the items was either too expensive or not appropriate.

I was looking for a male and female friend, both in their late 20s and the prime millennial market. Knowing that the millennial market is looking for something that is more of an experience than a product hadn't worked so I was now looking at physical gifts. Ideally they needed to be ecofriendly, from a company that cares, and unique so that it meant something to them. Also anything that wasn't going to break my bank would be beneficial!

I continued my search and ended up looking at eco friendly wood based accessories, we're talking phone cases, stationary, picture frames etc, all great gifts but not that special. It was only later that day when I saw an advert for jewellery that I thought something in this area could work, but what would be suitable for a man and women? Thankfully my friends are both into fashion and I've seen them wearing watches in the past so I focussed on this idea.

To my surprise there is already a growing trend around wooden watches in the UK and doing a quick search showed some nice pieces that looked great, were handmade and made from sustainable wood sources. One major issue was the price and I quickly realised these unique watches were in demand with most retailers asking for a premium. However with some shopping around I came across which specialised in wood watches and wooden sunglasses atmore reasonable prices.

For the men's watch I chose the Bewell Vantage Skeleton in dark ebony wood.

For the women's watch I chose the Redear Classic Chunk in bamboo wood.

My only concern is how delicate or fragile they may be so I hope my friends treat these Christmas gifts with care!

Article kindly provided by yakwood.co.uk