Wedding Guest: What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

The world of wedding guest attire isn't as tricky as you may think, choosing an outfit for a summer wedding can be lots of fun!

There are a range of outfits at your disposal, we've combined our list of key points to consider when deciphering your fashion strategy, just in time for those wedding invites to start flooding in. The first thing to do when planning your summer wedding attire are crucial in determining what garments will be appropriate for the wedding you will attend.

Where is the Wedding Venue?
Is it a traditional church wedding, a beach wedding or a garden wedding? Thinking about location and practicality of your outfit is one of the most important points to consider initially. For example, a guest could wear a dressy pair of sandals to a beach wedding but not to a more formal wedding. Considering your environment is the first step to fashion success.

Is A Dress Code Provided?
Probably the simplest in terms of determining your attire for a wedding, is if the happy couple offer a dress code. Is it smart casual? White tie? Cocktail? A dress code will give you indication of what level of dress is appropriate for the occasion.

Your Relationship to the Happy Couple?
Traditionally close family members of the couple have that free pass to dress up a little bit more, if they wish. Overall your attire completely comes down to how comfortable you are in certain items of clothing and again the overall dress code of the wedding.

What Colours and Styles Suit You?
When choosing an outfit for any occasion, it's always imperative to choose garments which accentuate your best features and avoid any colours that wash you out. If the current fashion trend is a colour that doesn't suit your hair or complexion then it makes sense to completely steer clear of that trend and focus on clothing that enhance your best features.

Timeless VS. Trends
Are you planning to wear an outfit that can be wore time and time again? An outfit that can be reused for similar occasions or are you more of a trend setter? A trend piece is generally a garment that is very current and on trend, such as a certain colour or pattern that is in for a certain season in this case Spring/Summer, it can also be an item of clothing that offers finer details such as fringing or shoulder pads.

A classic piece of clothing such as an LBD (little black dress), can be worn many times over. Sometimes 'timeless" outfits are more applicable to certain environments, such as more traditional functions and trend pieces can be worn for less traditional events.

The Right Outfit for the Venue
If you are still struggling for an outfit to wear, here are our top tips on outfit vs venue?

Traditional Church Wedding
A summer cocktail dress, or a top and skirt with and a strappy heel would both be ideal options for a traditional summer wedding. Think classic attire in lieu of trend pieces for a church wedding, as the location infers a traditional approach.

Beach Wedding
At a beach wedding you have a greater scope of outfits to choose from. Anything from a fun jumpsuit to a summer cocktail dress, or a maxi gown would be sufficed. You could even get away with some ornate sandals too. Trend pieces are more appropriate for a summer beach wedding, as the environment is typically more relaxed.

Garden Wedding

Garden weddings can often lend themselves to a bohemian theme, think outfits like long flowing skirts and heels, maxi dresses, playsuits & jumpsuits or even a summer cocktail dress would all be applicable. However, always refer to the dress code stipulated on the invitation. Just because a wedding is held outside doesn't mean it isn't formal. Generally the couple will express if they wish it to be a more formal wedding.