They Call it Junglist Fashion

Junglist is a term first referring to a person that listens to jungle mucis, called Jungle. The music is also called Drum 'n' Bass. Junglists usually gravitate towards Old school, Ragga Jungle, tech step and jump up DnB. Junglist has a unique fashion. Some people wear huge pants, entries shoes, a soul hooded jacket, and a cracked out hat. Others may wear baggy clothes, such as oversized pants, furry pants and weird bell bottom pants that are in a range of colors. The Break dancers of the Junglist may wear B-boy cloths. Adidas outfits, Nike outfits and other loose cloths that them move more freely while break dancing. Another group of Junglist is also called, Candy kids: their name for the armfuls of Candy they wear. They also tend to wear bright clothing (often featuring cartoon characters), bright hair extensions or fake dreadlocks, hair falls, and fuzzy gators, visor hats, and bright makeup. The Goth Junglist (yes, they exist!), dresses in black, not dancing, and listening to darkcore or terrorcore. Then you’ve got a graver. Gravers tend to stick to themselves. They’re very rare in the rave scene. They are likely to be found in a by looking for whoever breaks out a glow stick.

To sum-things up: Junglists love jungle and drum n bass (DnB) music and love to have a good time. A junglist dresses like a bad man, but they are very different in many ways. They wear baseball caps and jeans or camo print, however, most junglists are down to earth and just want to party. I am a junglist and a US Marine. There have been times where I wore my military gear to a Junglist party. It may sound weird, but I fit in just fine. That is why I call myself U.S.M.C Junglist. I have my own unique fashion to being a Junglist. That is why I am calling this the Junglist Fashion.

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