The Rise in the Popularity of Lingerie Knows No Bounds

Lingerie used to be a small niche interest to women (and men!) just a decade or so ago. Or perhaps should I say - we were a lot more reticent to admit our love for lingerie back then. Perhaps because lingerie sellers themselves colluded in our reticence by making such items so hard to find - many items were mail-order only.

Nowadays, it has all changed. Lingerie has become mainstream, thanks largely to the internet and also a few chain stores who have taken lingerie to the high street. Now cheap lingerie can also be bought online too, of course - and there's never been more choice than there is today - even the lingerie niche itself has many sub-niches, with websites dedicating themselves to the various microniches within lingerie.

Lingerie is now mainstream - it's just another niche in the fashion industry. Buying lingerie is now done without any fear or embarrassment - we've realised how silly it was to be embarrassed to buy an item of clothing just because of its intimate nature. And the great maxim of retail business holds true: if the public want a product enough, then that product will become easily available - no better example than looking at lingerie.

However, because we've "come out" for our love of lingerie, it's become something we don't just buy openly - we discuss it openly too. Go online and you'll find one lingerie blog after another - discussing the various aspects of this niche.