The Reading Sunglasses Season is Reason to be Jolly!

The Reading Sunglasses season is almost upon us while we sweep away the snow and shake off the winter blues and dream of soaking up the rays next to the pool, or on the beach, in some exotic, tranquil location. However, there are many of us who are bored rigid by the thought of lounging on a sunbed in order to impress our friends and colleagues with our suntan when we step off the plane or back into the office.

Many of us see this as a precious opportunity to catch up on all the books we have promised ourselves to read but never seem to find the right moment and many of us want to spend as much time in the sun whilst 'doing something" such as playing backgammon or cards. Reading sunglasses are the perfect item to pack away for your holiday so that you can pursue close-up outdoor activities whilst protecting your eyes from the potential harmful rays of the sun. They are also an ideal solution to constantly having to swap between sunglasses and reading glasses.

Reading sunglasses now come in a variety of styles and colours so that you can lounge in style, perfectly colour co-ordinated with your carefully chosen swimwear and beach accessories. These glasses are simply tinted reading glasses with magnified lenses generally ranging from + 1.00 to + 3.50 so that you can choose the appropriate correction for your eyesight. There are generally two different types:

Full Reading Sunglasses - these glasses have magnification across the whole of the lens whilst being UV protected.

Bifocal Reading Sunglasses - these specs will have a specific portion of the lens (generally the lower part) magnified with the remainder of the lenses being UV protected.

It is a matter of personal choice as to which style you might choose though it is a good idea if you choose bi-focals to ensure the corrective area is large enough for the activity you wish to pursue.

Reading sunglasses are now a very popular fashion choice for both men and women but they do perform a serious role in protecting the eyes in what can prove to be a harmful environment. It goes without saying that it is important to select the correct magnification for your eyesight and that it is always best to have an eye test carried out by a qualified optician.

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