The Perfect Present for this Christmas

It's never too early to start your christmas shopping and finding that inspirational gift takes time. If you are looking for something for a loved one that is meaningful and retains its value, jewellery is often top of this list. It isn't often the case that you can buy a present that has meaning and where the value doesn't diminish to nothing years down the line, jewellery is a great idea. Niche retailers like Guilty Bangles in the UK offer a perfect solution. Specialists often have the largest ranges within their area and Guilty Bangles is no exception providing a great selection of sterling silver bangles including an exclusive collection that can only be purchsed from them.

The second aspect for buying the perfect present is to offer some meaning to the gift, personalising the gift so that it will always have more meaning to the recipient than to anyone else. Personalisation within jewellery can be achieved through bespoke fitting or choosing specific materials or stones. The latest trend is through engraving and this offers a fantastic way to buy a xmas present that has real meaning. For example, the niche jewellery retailer Guilty now offers a range of solid silver bangles with free engraving on the interior or exterior of the bangle, subject to its design. The fact that it is free is an added bonus, you can have your message engraved so that you present has meaning, something that will be treasured and will retain its value.

Bangles can be for both men or women and in different styles. These include solid rounded bangles with flat interiors or exteriors that are great for engraving onto, with different surface finishes. The bangles with open ends are called cuffs or torques, cuffs tend to be flattened and wider, torques are narrower with a more three dimensional construction. These have the benefit that they are more vesatile for putting on and taken off as they slip over the wrist where solid bangles have to slip over the hand, thus, torques and cuffs often provide a tighter fit. For many people, the fit is important and Guilty do offer a range that includes alternative sizes including small and extra small, large and extra large. Whatever you choose for your perfect christmas present, consider buying it from a niche retailer that specialises in what you are looking for, you will often get a superior product from a larger range, a better knowledge of the product and better customer service than with large and generic retailers. For more examples from the Guilty range, visit for an idea of the benefits of using a niche retailer.