The Only Jewelry I Ever Want to Wear

It all started with my new job. I had been unemployed and a friend of mine suggested I apply at his work. It was a dispatch position for a cable contractor in our local area. The job paid well and it was steady work so I gave it a try. I got the job. It was a single girls dream. Only two girls in the office and over thirty cable guys. I had just ended a five year relationship and was only interested in meeting new friends and having fun. One day, I invited one of the technicians out for drinks with a bunch of us.

That was the day my new life began.

We began dating shortly after that night and four years later he proposed. We were at Niagara Falls when he got down on one knee, with all of the tourists watching, I said yes. I was never one for jewelry so that ring was the only one I wore. A year later, we were married. My wedding ring became the second ring I would wear. One year later, our daughter was born. I am very happy with my life and my family and every time I put on my rings I am reminded of that. Wedding rings are so much more than jewelry. They are a reflection of happiness, love and companionship. I wear my rings proud of the wife and mother that I have become. I wear my wedding rings proud of the family I have.

I wear my wedding rings proud that I am with the best husband anyone could ever ask for. I am proud that I am deserving of this great man and that we will be together as long as we both shall live. I will forever remember the moment that first ring was placed on my finger. It was a symbol of trust, love and a commitment some never get to experience. I am lucky I have found love and although I don't like to wear jewelry, these things are the reasons my engagement and wedding rings are the only jewelry I ever wear.

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