The Fashionable Blue-Stone Earrings that Refused to be Lost

As a birthday present a few years back, a friend gave me a pair of earrings. The earrings had a one-inch line of blue, variable-shaped stones hanging from them. These earrings were the perfect addition to almost any outfit I put together. In summer they looked great with a bikini. In winter they hung very well next to a turtleneck sweater. Even in a t-shirt and jeans, these earrings never failed to look fashionable. They were the perfect mix of casual and elegant: they didn't look too fancy with an ordinary, day-to-day outfit, nor did they look out of place with a nice dress.

Every day I wore them, at least one person - sometimes even people I didn't know, or only briefly knew as acquaintances - would come up to me and compliment the earrings. They would ask where I got them, when I got them, and so forth, and would always comment on how uniquely beautiful they were. I never did see another pair like them, so they were definitely a unique fashion accessory. These earrings only had one downside: there was no stopper on the back of the loop to help keep the earring secure. I worried a bit about how easily they might fall out, but I always took care to keep track of them and make sure they were secure.

One day, however, as I was meeting up with a friend, she exclaimed that one of my earrings was missing! Sure enough, it was, and even after retracing my steps I could not find where it had fallen. I held on to the other earring out of memory of my favorite fashion piece, and I'm glad I did, because several weeks later I found its match again! I was walking the same path I had originally lost it on, and the sun just happened to catch the metal part of the earring and drew my eye. I took the earring home, cleaned it up, got backings for both of them, and the earrings remain my favorite fashion item to this day.

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