The Benefits of Buying Used Jewellery

You've probably stumbled on this article because you are considering buying used jewellery, but may have some reservations in doing so. This is common since we associate "second hand" with "inferior quality" for most items...because it's true, right? For cars, mileage is important since the more miles it's done, the more worn out its parts will be. For clothes, it's a similar problem...the more you use something, the more worn out it gets. However, this is almost always NOT the case for jewellery! Let's look at the benefits of buying second hand jewellery.


A lot of jewellery isn't worn that often, and remains in jewellery boxes and only taken out for special occasions. Even if it IS worn often, high quality jewellery uses precious metals that do not tarnish, and so jewellery that could be ten or twenty years old is often literally "as good as new". The biggest reason why materials like gold, high-grade sterling silver and diamonds have value is that they are extremely durable. Because of this, jewellery really is in a class of its own when it comes to the second hand market. It doesn't suffer the problems that clothing, cars, bikes and property (to name some examples) have.

Also factor in that many people may be selling jewellery because they need cash on hand. Quite often these types of sales are from jewellery that's been sitting in jewellery boxes and not worn much at's always the first that tends to be sold.

Value for Money
Because people still have a certain perception about second hand items, you can enjoy discounted prices for second hand jewellery - even if what you buy is as good as new!

Bespoke and Vintage Jewellery

You can find rare pieces of second hand jewellery online and at markets. These pieces will no longer be in production or could even be fully bespoke. You can really make a fashion statement by hunting down such rare pieces. In fact, many people like to collect such rare jewellery.

It's Friendly to the Environment
Buying second hand jewellery puts less demand on precious metal mining. A LOT of energy is used to pull tons of rocks out of the ground to find those tiny fragments that are the precious metals that go into new jewellery. The more people that buy second hand jewellery, the less demand there is for new precious metals to be mined out of the ground.

Store of Value
Even though you can enjoy a discount for buying second hand jewellery, selling it on doesn't mean you will lose the value that you paid for the jewellery in the first place. The value tends to be lost when it goes from brand new to second hand. After that, so long as you look after your jewellery pieces well, you can expect to sell on your jewellery for at least the price you paid for them...sometimes more if you can improve the condition of the pieces.

I hope this article has busted a few myths about second hand jewellery - enjoy your jewellery hunt!

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