Sportswear Beware?

It's rare for a summer to pass without the suggestion of sportswear as fashion becoming a point of debate, and with the Olympic launch in London just a few months away, there was no way summer 2012 was going to be an exception. This trend reared it's ultimately ugly head a few months ago on the catwalks of New Yorks prestigious Mercedes-Benz fashion as continental fashion houses paraded their latest work before a crowd of eager and receptive wholesale ladies clothing than any other item of sportswear buying suffers from a lack of choice, but that isn't at the fault of its manufacturers. Unlike normal clothing, finding the perfect piece of sportswear is as much about the item's physical relationship with your body than the aesthetics piece itself, as their usually skin-tight nature leaves little space for imperfections to hide. A passing glance at the glossies, filled to the brim with paparazzi snaps of celebrities on their casual morning jog, is enough to show that even the most beautiful women in the world can have trouble looking their best in sportswear.

With that considered, another recently popular style came to the trend's rescue this season, as iconic androgynous model Andrej Pejic returned for another gender-identity scuffle at this years New York Fashion Week. Bosnian born, and raised in a refugee camp in Serbia for the entirety of his childhood, has become a familiar face on catwalks after receiving monumental publicity for walking for both womenswear and menswear collections of wholesale clothing manufacturers Jean Paul Gaultier in the summer of 2010. He has since, almost by accident, become the striking figurehead of androgyny on the catwalk. In making their sportswear a little more androgynous, womenswear designers have been able to shed the skin-tight sweat-wear aesthetic into a look that is adaptable and, much to the love of ladieswear wholesalers worldwide, far more fashion houses and Balmain seemed to find it difficult to part with their signature decadence, combining track pants with exotic fabrics and textures to create what looks to be the worlds most luxurious exercise gear. Alexander Wang experimented with simple textures and man-made fabrics in order to interpret his own colourful style into the The palettes of the collections have drawn reference from many of this year's brightest and hottest colour trends too, forsaking winter's neutrals in favour of summer's floral prints, acid brights and pastel tones.

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