Skinny Jeans, V-Neck T-Shirts, and High Top Sneakers: My Fashion Faves

While my friends like more girly fashion like skirts, clutch bags and makeup, I love more practical wear. Getting dressed in the morning can be a crucial part of your day. For me, the way I dress is a way for me to express my personal likes and dislikes and to emphasize my own personal style and sense of fashion. My favorite fashion item are skinny jeans. These jeans have recently become one of the newest crazes, and I am one of those skinny jean lovers! Form fitting skinny jeans are my favorite because they accentuate my curves and slender shape, and are perfect for my long legs (which sometimes look ridiculous in wider legged pants).

V-Neck T-shirts and dress shirts are another of my favorite fashion items. I love these shirts because I have a very prominent collar bone, and v-neck shirts work well with this feature, giving me a very modelesque look. Even the most casual of V-Neck t-shirts matched with a silver necklace can give me a slightly elegant appeal. I love to get my t-shirts screen-printed with original designs on them. I have loads of decals and stickers that I use for my t-shirts. I can't help but think fashion should be some kind of unique statement (as we're all unique) and screen-printed t-shirts with original designs do just that.

Finally, I am in love with high top sneakers. Because my feet are a little bigger than what I believe they should be in proportion to my body, I prefer to wear high top sneakers. For some reason, these shoes have a way of making my feet look smaller, and giving that seamless look between pants and shoes.

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