Shoes Can Either Make You or Break You

There is no doubt that shoes are one of the key elements of impressing anyone who knows anything about the statement of fashion. It seems shoes have been a fashion issue for all generations! Some believe that it is the shoe which provides that special touch of elegance or that distinctive look which actors, politicians, reporters or anyone who desires to leave an impression. It really does not matter if the impression is positive or negative. It is the fact that this particular pair of shoes makes a declaration which is obvious to all who are privy to the importance of being known for something different, a statement which obviously no one else thought of. This statement can magically turn a "nobody" into an instant "someone" all over the fashion world! Are you aware of the stars who stroll on the "red carpet" with a beautifully flowing chiffon gown only to discover when the dress is lifted, a favorite pair of that particular star's tennis shoes are adorning their feet? It does not matter why this particular foot attire was chosen.

The person on stage wearing the shoes knows it does not matter. That will be the newscast of the event! If the broadcast is good or if it comes across as strange, the reason does not matter whatsoever! This star has made news and thus becomes all the more center of attention of the normal person, the press, and other attendees and viewers! Shoes which are differently designed by a famous designer for the individual who will be wearing these shoes for individual comfort, oddity, beauty, or just as a lovely compliment to the star's entire attire are noticed! This will be the subject of fans, reporters, fellow friends, and perhaps televises for a wide array of fans.

Yes, shoes are the accessory which makes any outfit formal or informal no matter what the occasion may be representing! Shoes are normal fashion statements which can capture that particular owner and wearer and cause publicity and statements which may enhance future careers in the haze of stardom! Maybe it is the imagination or the goal of the person wearing a particular pair of shoes to make a proclamation to the fashion world. In fact, the whole world of fans who adore a particular star will go all out to impress and gather many more fans of their favorite person!

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