Personalised Silver Bangles

Personalisation is a growth area for many businesses and Guilty Bangles was one of the first to offer a free engraving service on a range of their own exclusive range of silver Before you go out and buy a personalised bangle, you need to read this article to fully understand the process.

Semi previous and precious metals are expensive, in order to cut down costs and provide you with a cheaper product, some retailers sell hollow or tubular bangles. There is nothing wrong with this, if you want a bangle and don't want to spend a fortune, it's a perfect solution. These are however, the type of bangles that you want to avoid when engraving. Whatever method of engraving you choose, it is always better to have a solid metal base to engrave on due to the depths and pressures of engraving. You will also want to consider the metal, silver is actually quite a soft metal and you will need to have your jewellery engraved to a reasonable depth in order for the engraving to not be worn down over time. Even with stronger metals such as gold, insist that there is a decent level of depth, at least half a millimeter will be needed.

There are two main types of engraving, the first is stamping the letters onto the jewellery and the second is the more modern way of using sophisticated computer driven machines to do the engraving for you. Stamping can involve a hand held tool that improves accuracy and quality. The engraving machines obviously produce an automated solution and the engraving can now be as accurate as down to 100th of a millimeter. The explosion of engraved and personalised bangles and bracelets available is driven by the mechanised solution, although the specialised machines that are capable of engraving are expensive to buy so don't be put off if you have to spend a few pounds to get your jewellery engraved.

Guilty now offers a range of bangles with a free personalised engraving service. All of the bangles in our collection that are suitable for engraving are made from 925 sterling silver and are solid. The range is also hand made by our silver smith in the south west of England and are assayed in the UK providing you with peace of mind in that you are buying a genuine sterling silver bangle. Guilty can engrave either the interior or the exterior of your bangle using a range of fonts and up to 65 characters. You can find our personalised silver bangle range here and the entire engraving service is free. Guilty also offers a free delivery service that uses the Royal Mail special delivery so you get a fast delivery and it is also fully insured.

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