Pass The Hat Round

If you take a look at an old film or photograph of British people in the early part of the 20th century you will see that they are all wearing hats. They were the fashion of that era and were worn for going to work at the factory or office as well as on special occasions. Some of them look like they were also worn in bed . Centuries earlier, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First, a law was passed which required anyone over the age of seven to wear a hat on Sundays. How quaint is that.

These days hats are not worn so frequently. They are mainly worn on special occasions - garden parties, weddings, and for other social events. Teenagers however seem to deem it necessary to wear a hat, in particular an American style baseball cap, all the time. And very often worn back to front or sideways. But, as we know, fashions come and go. So perhaps there will be a revival of the flat cap, as worn so often in those earlier photographs, and the pullover?

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