On the Popularity of Proms in the UK

Go back only 10 years ago, and proms were largely unheard of in the UK. Unheard of, that is, outside of UK teen sitcoms and dramas. Actually, it's the popularity of these shows - that feature proms regularly - that have lead to the popularity of the UK prom.

Up until the advent of proms in the UK, students would celebrate their exam results (or simply the end of taking exams) at a "disco" (this word sounds so old, it does need those quote marks around it). Too young to go to the pub or night club, and with...yes...discos seemingly a thing of the past, the prom has become the perfect event for such inbetweeners.

A prom is the perfect excuse to fully "glam up" celebrity-style - and some girls can spend hundreds of pounds on clothing, make-up and accessories. What's more, a lot of these events have photo booths where you can get professional photography shots of you and your friends looking like you've just stepped off the red carpet.

Just how popular are proms?
More than 85% of schools hold proms - proving that the prom is here to stay. Some events are no-frills, whereas others spare no expenses and they mimic the look and feel of a celebrity occasion.

Is there a prom "season"?
Indeed there is - heavily dictated by when exam finish (mid-June to mid-July). I also think the more temperate weather at that time of year helps widen the fashion possibilities of such proms.

Are proms a good or bad thing?
Proms give students a chance to have fun and feel special after weeks of exam stress. The emphasis is on looking stylish which I think does - if anything - help them prepare for the "real world". In that sense, they are surely a good thing.

Article kindly provided by thepromphotographers.co.uk