On the Importance of Staff Uniforms for Public-Facing Companies

Nothing splits opinion amongst workers when it comes to whether or not they like to wear uniforms. Of course, from a management point of view, it just looks more professional when your public-facing staff are in uniform. However, for some employees, a uniform can make them uncomfortable if it's ill-fitting or simply looks plain or even ugly. Uniforms aren't there to make your staff feel uncomfortable - they're there to give them a professional appearance, an identity that exudes confidence and gives the public a reassurance that they are in good hands. Over the years, I've found that a smart and professional looking uniform wins over those awkward employees. These days, an employer can buy slick, embroidered workwear (with their logo stitched in) making their employees feel proud to wear such clothing. Furthermore, uniforms MUST be comfortable so ensure you buy your uniforms in all sizes appropriate to your current staff members.

Thanks to the internet, it's now very easy for companies to source such uniforms from companies like Black Cat Embroidery that are ISO 9001 quality assured, and give you plenty of options when it comes to logo embroidery. Such companies usually have a large catalogue of uniforms and accessories you can purchase, as well as colour charts, garment care information, size guides etc so your decision is fully informed.

It's never been easier to kit out your staff in professional uniform.

Article kindly provided by blackcatembroidery.co.uk