New Year's Stylish Resolutions

The lies are over. The year 2017 is leaving, and among with the year, the unpaired socks from your drawer, the expired face cream from your bathroom closet, the sweater that does not fit you, the shape of your beard which doesn't flatter you and the 16-year-old hoodie, have to leave your place too. It is time to make some changes that will improve your appearance, promote you stylistically, and will make you feel confident and sure for the way you look. Do take the following resolutions for your appearance and your self-esteem will change for sure on the upcoming year.

Throw away my damaged clothes

Dirty T-Shirts, underwear with ruffled bumps, faded shirts, wool sleeveless jackets that can't fit you and they're in such a tragic situation, have to get into the garbage bag. You have to get rid of them because you will release some space in your closet. Not to mention that these damaged clothes make you feel that you have enough clothes while you actually have nothing.

Clean your bathroom closet

The fragrance that your aunt gave you at Christmas 2009 and has this weird smell, the moisturizing cream that you took as a gift with your deodorant and you never used, the ancient razor, the soap that is stuck in the soap tray, need to be thrown away immediately. For a start, buy a modern, powerful razor that will improve the efficiency of your daily shaving

Donate what you do not like anymore

There is, also the possibility of having drawers, shelves and wardrobes full of clothes, accessories and objects that are almost unused, but you do not want to wear. Newsflash: yes, you can get rid of them! You will not miss them. No one will judge you. No one will sue you. Take a bag and put in all the pieces that are in good shape, but they do not represent you anymore. Then put this bag in your car and go and give it to someone who needs it.

Repair everything that can be repaired

This is the most difficult resolution because it requires a little effort from you: Replace the missing buttons from your perfect coat. Give your grandmother the cashmere sweater that has a small hole in the armpit, grand mums can fix everything!

Invest in iconic pieces

It's a smart idea to give a little extra money to get something classic and timeless if they suitable to your style. Buying a good woolen coat or a quality Harrington jacket will hardly worth the cost.

Take risks - even small ones

Start with small steps and do not invest large amounts of clothes in clothes you are not sure if you will finally wear. It may be a piece of clothing that you never thought you could wear, or one of those interesting and strange colors that are so in fashion.

Be different

If you are dressed conventionally and you enter the metro and you are dressed identically with others, it means that you don't have your own style. The typical pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a gray sweatshirt can be worn by everybody. So it is time to devote a little time to be different from all the others this year. For diversifying your ideas you can also visit for unique design apparels.

Shave your beard

There is one more way to be different from all the others. You should shave your beard for some time. It is refreshing for your face skin and believes me; women love men with a clean and clear face.

Be mature

No one says you have to start dressing in a boring way, but the truth is that the 30+ men stubbornly refuse to get off a dress code that covered their needs a decade before. Jeans, hoodies,sports shoes and a backpack can remain in your wardrobe. However, they are not suitable for all the times. Wearing the clothes that you used to wear when you were going to the cinema as a student can make the others believe that you do not take yourself seriously enough.

Love yourself

Men are not familiar with their image; they think that if they deal with their style, the shape of their beard, their hair, they will eventually be judged, they will be fooled, they will eventually be considered as superficial. In fact, if you have to follow only one resolution for the New Year, this will be to love yourself and take care of him. If you are not happy with your body, start exercising. If you do not like your hair, ask your hairdresser to suggest something new to you. If you do not like your beard, shave it. If you are bored of your clothes, you can slowly change your wardrobe. A man who loves himself is loved by everyone.

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