New Kid On The Block

Whoa... the 80's and the Pop Art bright neon colors are back and now more appealing than ever. While they energize everything from fashion to furnishings and fabric this season how exactly are people suppose to wear these loud colors?

Well, make some room for the New kid on the block cause...there's a new face in the retail world of fast fashion and always changing trends. Specializing in mostly accessories at the moment AndThat's certainly alluring and a threat to be reckoned with. But don't be scared....tackle the neon trend with some of the season's best and brightest. With a history more interesting than some people, here's a few facts about neon that might just leave you in awe.
  • Possibly the most amazing fact about neon is, that it's a common gas in the universe but very rare on Earth
  • It was discovered by William Ramsay and Morris William Travers who are credited with its reveal in 1898.
  • A rare gaseous element occurring in the atmosphere it's 18 parts per millionth and obtained by a fractional distillation of liquid air.
  • It is colorless but glows reddish orange in an electric discharge creating it's iconic appearance.
  • It's name NEON means new in Greek.
With a trend so fascinating it goes beyond looks,"And That" recreates this iconic look through a whole new perspective showcasing its raw beauty.

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