My Unforgettable Experience in Brown Thomas, Dublin

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I was in Brown Thomas. For those of you not familiar with this shop, it is one of the oldest in Dublin and in recent years has become the main store in Ireland for buying high end fashion items. I only ever go in to this particular shop when the sales are on because the prices are astronomical. However, when the sales are on it is nice to bag yourself a bargain on a quality item of clothing that others have paid double and sometimes even triple the amount for.

On this day, I was browsing as usual, deflecting any shop assistants who came my way asking their usual questions such as 'do you need any help with size' or 'can I help you with anything' when I noticed this leather jacket in the Dolce and Gabbana section. It was the perfect leather jacket. It was jet black and had all the things I looked for in a leather jacket. The collar was just right and it stopped at the hip (I don't like the ones that go to knee length). I had to try it on so I took it off the rack and went in search of a mirror. As I went to put it on me I noticed this jacket did not have any run of the mill security tag on it but rather a long bar-type thing protruding from the middle of it. I wondered briefly how they would remove that thing, it looked like it might be a complicated procedure. Despite the minor annoyance of the tag, I managed to get the jacket on. It looked amazing, definitely the nicest item of fashion I had ever laid my eyes on. I quickly checked the price and when I did I thought for a second that my eyes must be deceiving me. It said E3000. It could not be right. After a comical double-take I looked at the tag again and it was true. This jacket would cost about eight weeks worth of my wages. If I had been in the kind of position where I had that sort of money to spare, I would have bought it in an instant. However, I simply wasn't and had to resign myself to putting the jacket back and leaving the store empty handed.

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