My Baby's First Pair of Levi's

I can still picture him in my mind wearing those faded little Levi's, and tiny white T-shirt. Barely able to walk and yet all stylish in his faded jeans. They even had holes in the knees. What made these jeans so special you might ask? Well they were a pair of 502 in size 2t that had been handed down from sister to sister. Almost a rite of passage as each child out grew them in hopes of a new family member to fill them.

I, being the youngest, had waited a long time to receive the coveted pair. Back then holey jeans were not the rage they are today, but I like to think the style caught because of our little tradition and tiny pair of Levi's. Now you see children in all of the latest fashions, mimicking the adult world. For me Levi's will always be the jean of choice, a style that never goes out of fashion for any age, body type, or occasion. They are versatile in that with the right shirt, jacket and shoes you can wear them anywhere. I have even seen them worn to a wedding.

Holey, stonewashed, straight- legged, or boot-cut they make the perfect compliment to any occasion. You can see them on Movie Stars, Dignitaries, Teachers, Farmers, Cowboys, Courthouse Judges, Day workers, and everyone in between. What I like the most about them besides the fit, is that you can see them on young adults, old adults, teens, toddlers, and babies. It has been many years since my children have out grown that first pair of Levis. I recall it has been passed to fifty- five family members now, and still going strong. It is hard to find quality that last so long and still looks so good. But every pair I see will always remind me of that first pair of size 2t Levis that my grandchildren now wear.

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