Made to Measure vs Bespoke Suits: Which is Better?

If you have tried looking for custom made suit tailors, chances are you have come across the phrases "made to order suits" and "bespoke suits". Both terms refer to suits or the process of making them according to specific requests, measurements, and preferences of customers.

Despite having virtually the same definition, there are specific things in which made to order tailors differ from bespoke tailors. Here are some of them.

1. Having a premade pattern
When a tailor bases a suit according to a pre-made design and works from it, he is a made to order suit tailor. Sometimes, this type of tailor can even start working from a suit that you already own, and then proceed to adjust seams and measurements from the original clothing.

On the other hand, a bespoke tailor works entirely from scratch, which will translate into a longer sewing time, as the tailor will start by taking exact measurements and cutting the fabric of your choice instead of working on an already existing suit.

2. Meeting with the tailor
Shops that offer made to measure suit services deal with relatively more customers as compared to bespoke tailors. Because of the volume of work that has to be done, made to measure shops often have another expert (who is not necessarily a tailor) to take the measurements and instructions of a customer.
Bespoke suit shops often involve meeting with the tailor himself instead of having a receptionist relay the information regarding what the customer wants to the tailor.

3.Customisations offered
Since made to measure suits work on pre-existing suits and models, the number of customisations is more limited compared to bespoke suits. Since bespoke tailors create a suit from scratch, the amount of customisations is virtually limitless. If you feel a bit daring and want to bring out your personality through your clothes, you can tell your any idea you have, without having to choose from traditional options like vent or no vent, length of pant break, and the like.

4. Library of choices
A bespoke tailor will either give endless or no choices at all—this means that you can go all out in choosing a colour, fabric type, and the like. Go the distance.

Made to order tailors will often give you four to five choices of fabric. This number further decreases when they are working with a previous suit that needs adjustment since they have to use the original material of the suit.

Which is Better?
Both made to order and bespoke suits are comparably better than ready to wear or off the rack clothes that are readily available in the market. However, when it comes to choosing between the two types of customised suits, it can get a bit tricky.

Both do produce satisfactory results. The main difference between them is the liberty of customisation and time consumed for producing the suit.

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