Ladies: What to Wear on a First Date?

It's hard to know what to wear on a normal night out with the girls, never mind what to wear on a first date...but read on for some valuable tips to make your clothing choices much clearer if you have a date night coming up.

The first thing to remember is that the old trope of "you never have a second chance to make a first impression" is true. So while it might normally be good advice to wear what you are comfortable wearing and to express yourself, there are times when that advice isn't applicable. Yes, there are also times wear your fashion choices should really take into account who are you are meeting, and the type of date you are on.

For a first date, the key thing is not to let your clothing be too distracting. A first date is really about getting to know someone better, so it's a lot easier on the person you are meeting if your clothing is not distracting them in anyway. In other words, don't get TOO creative or too showy. Sure, you might want to show off your fashion tastes, but surely that first date is really about seeing if your personalities match, and if you are OK with/attracted to the person's looks (let's be honest, this is true for most dates). These two key areas have little to do with what you are wearing, but if your clothing is too distracting, it just gets in the way of the date's purpose.

So, keep your clothing smart but casual...let your date know you're serious and you've taken time to look your best for them. You would expect the same of them - and hopefully they arrive in such a state on your date! Having said that, wear something you usually wear, so you DO feel comfortable. This isn't a job interview, it's social. If your clothes are making you feel too "formal", find a more casual clothes.

Article provided by - Yvonne Allen matchmakers