Jewelry Trends for 2023

A piece of jewellery, whether flashy or subtle, may convey more than words ever could, as any devotee of fine jewellery will testify to. jewellery may not follow the same seasonal ebb and flow as, say, handbags or shoes, but certain gemstones and finishes are always more or less in demand. Accessorizing with bangles, pearl necklaces, and floral power rings gave the runway looks of 2023 that extra something special. Finding the appropriate amount of glitz comes down to personal style, but here are the trends that will be all over the jewellery world and in people's jewellery boxes in 2023.

The Bangle Brigade

For this season, bangles are the go-to bracelet, whether you want to go for a more natural or edgier look. Use a layering technique, a la Saint Laurent, or let a single statement item take center stage by opting for silver or gold.

Chainlink Necklaces

For examples, consider the enormous chain link necklaces that framed the models" faces on the autumn runways at Chloe and Off-White.

Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls may be inexpensive. Designers have given the iconic diamond a Gen Z update by recreating it in '90s-style chokers and huge stud earrings.

A Charmed Life

Charms of various sizes and styles, from the sparkling bracelets at Ulla Johnson to the little wallets fastened onto outfits at Fendi, may act as amulets and lucky mementos.

Flower Power

Women have been accessorizing with flowers for centuries, even before the invention of jewellery. Fall collections from designers like Ulla Johnson, Saint Laurent, and Brandon Maxwell showcased a wide variety of fully bloomed blooms that were equal parts delicate and eccentric.

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