If You Want to be More Productive, Wear a Watch

Since buying a smartphone a few years ago, I thought it would be a good idea to stop wearing a watch. After all, I didn't need one anymore, right? My smartphone was my new time-teller. Interestingly, it turned out to be a bad move. Because my smartphone was so big, I tended not to check it for the time. Sure, when I took out the phone, the time was on the lockscreen, but I got in the habig of overlooking that as whenever I was taking out my phone, it was always for a reason other than checking the time. And so, curiously, I became less and less conscious of the passing of time.

"So what?" you may wonder. Well, I started to become slightly more tardy with my timekeeping. I don't really mean late for meetings or appointments, but just my day-to-day planning. Being conscious of the time passing gives you a good indication of the progress of your daily tasks. I always have dozens of things to do each day, and so timekeeping and planning is actually (as it turns out) a vital part of ensuring all those tasks are done in a timely manner.

And so I bought myself an automatic watch. An automatic watch really MUST be worn at all times just to ensure its self-winding mechanism works best. You see, it winds itself via your body movement. What better way to ensure I wear a watch at all times! I look after my watch, and my watch helps me keep a good pace of my tasks through the day.

If you want to be more productive, wear a watch. It will help you develop a habit of being time-aware. Being more time-aware helps you pace yourself, as well as being more conscious of planning the rest of the day.

Article kindly provided by bestautomaticwatches.com