I Feel Like a Long Legged Goddess in My Jeans!

I have a favorite pair of jeans that I never want to take off! Whenever I go out of the house, my boyfriend always tells me, “Wear my favorite jeans!” He always tells me he loves my fashion sense however, ever since he saw me in my Levi’s, he doesn’t want to see anything else. It makes me feel amazing and sexy, but WOW, every day?

My favorite thing about my Levi’s is the fact that I have washed them multiple, multiple times and it hasn’t shrunk a tiny bit. I have never, ever, EVER had that happen to me with any other pair of jeans. Have you?! The fact that I’m a curvy woman is always so hard to find a pair that fit just right. It’s a devastation and PRICEY when they shrink because of that reason alone. Not only am I curvy, but I’m 5’11”… finding a pair that’s long enough then you wash it and you lose an inch makes me want to scream. Additionally, they’re the perfect fit and can be worn for any occasion because of the dark wish and the skinny leg fit. I wear them during the day and then dress it up to go to the club and show off my long legs! Nothing feels better than having a pair of jeans that make you feel amazing – the next item is your heels that look all the more better when you have your favorite jeans! So, if you’re looking for great pair of jeans that make you feel like a long legged Goddess… Levi dark-wash skinny jeans. I don’t think this article did them justice to how they make me feel or how great of quality they are. Levi’s have always been my favorite brand of jeans, but, this put them over the top.

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