How to Turn Baggy Jeans Into Tight Jeans

So you've bought the wrong pair of pants which are too baggy and loose. The department store won't exchange them and you're now stuck with a pair of pants which you don't wish to discard. You wished you had purchased the pair some years ago when baggy jeans were all the rage. Above all now you've lost some weight and the jeans slide off your skinny waistline.

Since you're hopeless at sewing too, here's a cool way to tighten your jeans without touching a needle and thread. Shrink the pair. Yes you heard right. Jeans are made of cotton so they will shrink. So go ahead. Shrink them.

1. Go to your washing machine and switch the settings to the hottest possible. Set all your dials to the hottest possible.

2. Do the same with the dryer too.

3. And dry the jeans for as long as you can.

If that baggy pair hasn't shrunk enough by now, repeat the entire process a few more times till you get the right size. Here's the more conventional way of making your jeans tighter. You would require some patience, a sewing machine or a needle and thread, a volunteer to assist you and some sewing skills. You would also require your jeans of course.

1. your jeans inside and wear them as you would normally wear a pair of jeans. Zip them up and if they are very baggy hold them up with a belt.

2. Ask a volunteer or friend to insert pins down both sides of the seams of both legs.

3. Once that's done, remove the jeans, take extra care not to remove the pins or injured yourself while removing them.

4. Place the on a and mark lines with chalk or pencil along the pins on both sides of the jeans. Use either a sewing machine or a needle and thread, sew along the chalk or pencil line.

5. Once you've done that, wear the jeans the right side up again. If they're too tight, remove the stitches and start the entire process again. Pin along the sides this time with a loose fit. If the fit is loose, tighten further with a new seam.

6. Try them on again the right side up. Once the fit is right, remove any extra cloth at the seams and iron them to give you that smart look.

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