Favourite Summer Pony Tail Styles

As the warmest days of the summer are now upon us, finding a cute hairstyle that is fun but still keeps you cool can sometimes be challenging. But, there have always been a few tried and true hairstyles that work for ladies of all ages every summer.

The first is the classic and traditional pony tail. Though it is a simple and easy look, it is quite possible to make just a few changes to the style to really update the look and change it up a bit.

The first would be to wear a low and loose pony, a look that says beachy summer fun. Another great pony tail look that shows a bit of elegance for a night out is to wrap a bit of hair around the elastic, this hides the hair elastic and provides a classy and complete look.

You can also add in twists and braids into your pony tail style, this will add some great texture and design to your hair, and can really turn your look into something that can go right from the office to a ladies night out in town.

Many ladies also add fun accessories to pump up the style of their pony tails. This could be as simple as using hair elastics that have flowers on or even feathers. Adding a cute headband is yet another great way to give a standard pony a little bit of a lift in the summer.

There are many ways to add a bit of fun and style to the classic pony tail. While it is a great look on its own, it's also one of the most adaptable hair styles any lady can use to switch up their look easily.

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