Favourite Fashion: That One Pair Of Jeans

In the fitting words of The Vandals front man Dave Quackenbush, ďI donít wanna change my pants.Ē

These words are as true today as they were when they were written as nothing in the world can beat the perfect pair of pants. It doesnít matter what you believe makes a pair of pants perfect they can be ripped, stained, prim, pressed, ironed, loose, tight, red, blue, black, thin, thick, cool, sexy, or warm, but everyone has their one perfect pair of pants. That perfect pair of pants isnít just an article of clothing once we have realized what we have.

A person's favorite pair of pants becomes a statement. It becomes a subtle way to tell the world that you donít care what the world thinks of you right now because you know you both look good and also feel amazingly comfortable.

My personal favorite pair of pants was a pair I got from an expensive store but on sale for only ten dollars. Since the store usually sells jeans at upwards of fifty I knew this pair was going to be special. They are thin grey skinny jeans that fit the perfect way. They resist stains and keep me warm when I need it and cool when I donít. Though as with all favorite pairs of pants, the most important part of these pants is the feeling I get when I put them on. When I am wearing my favorite pants I feel like no matter who is looking at me they canít help but feel that I am someone worth noticing. I am someone who knows their way around fashion and they need to give me the respect that I truly deserve.

All of this is great but still I can think to myself I got these pants from a great store for ten bucks I am a winner.

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