Fave Tops: Let's Get Tanked

I went to the store the other day in search of a tank top to keep me cool in the summertime heat. After scrambling through racks and racks of department store knock offs, I finally asked an associate, “Hey, can you tell me where I can find the male tank tops?” The clerk put on an expression of confusion fused with bewilderment and after a few seconds of awkward silence finally said, “oh, you mean beaters, those are over by the underwear.” "NOOOO you fool", I thought, "that’s the same answer I’d been given at the previous three stores, I’m not looking for one of those white-stripped, ill-fitting, body hugging beaters."

So my hunt continued through countless piles of short-sleeve tees until finally I found what I’d been looking for: a loose fitting, blue with black trim, all-purpose sleeveless tank top one that I could wear without being mistaken for a member of the Soprano family. My month long search had come to an end. I left the store and stepped into the blazing heat surprisingly refreshed. Since then, I have seen an immeasurable number of stores advertising there ‘fresh summer tanks’ a fashion boom so obviously needed, yet surprising as to why it took so long to occur. The tank top is one of the most underrated pieces of clothing in menswear, but its impact in the summertime is observably beneficial. I bought my blue trimmed tank top, along with another grey trimmed top, at summer’s beginning and have managed to create a myriad of outfits by interchanging the two. I refer to the tank top as ‘all-purpose’ because it can be dressed up, dressed down, worn on the beach, worn in the water, mowing the lawn, or virtually anywhere else.

Since my tank top discovery, I’ve found my self less agitated by the heat, and much more willing to spend my summer month’s outdoors in the sunshine as nature intended.

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