Fashion is All in the Details

Fashion is all about the details. Let's face it - if it wasn't, then we wouldn't need to discern fashion brands wouldn't be a thing. The cheapest and loudest designs would dominate and eventually we would find ourselves in a fashion dystopia of crass and garish colour designs and garments that fall apart within weeks of purchase.

From a commercial perspective, fashion is difficult. Why? Because fashion is ultimately a statement. The statements that endure are ones that display quality and subtlety. They outlast the capricious trends of the louder, crasser designs...and that longevity in and of itself makes such fashion even more desireable.

Moreover, refined fashion is noticed by the discerning eye, no matter how subtle it is. Such fashion leaves a great first impression - it shows that the wearer has an eye for details, and has sought out quality over trying to dominate the senses with garish designs.

Refinement of one's fashion style can take years to manifest - but many eventually "arrive" at a point where their attire really shows off their appreciation of quality and craftsmanship. Such attire may include cufflinks, tie pins, shirt buttons, dress shirt buttons, button covers, button fasteners - the smallest of accessories.

So for your own fashion journey, remember that there is such a thing as lasting fashion that outlasts every trend, and also physically outlasts the low-cost highstreet it out and you will find it.

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