Dressing To Please

Women often dress to please men. But do they realise just how much their choice of clothing can be very off putting from the man's point of view. According to a recent survey this included leggings, headbands, and oversized sunglasses (often worn up on the hair). Many of the men surveyed thought that leggings were generally unflattering, especially when worn by larger women. They agreed that headbands were OK when worn by sportsmen and women, but were a no no for everyday wear. And those oversized sunglasses were not appreciated as they covered up a woman's best asset - her eyes. So ladies, though some of the fashion trends may please you, bear in mind they may have quite the opposite affect on men. Other items of ladies wear which received the thumbs down as unappealing to men included dungarees and waistcoats. It seems these look better on men. Although the men wearing them may not appeal to the ladies.

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