Creating Your Own Fashion Items from Home

Not so long ago, fashion trends were dictated to us by the big fashion labels. The process of producing fashion items was costly, and required huge factories and thousands of employees. This meant that the power to dictate how fashion trends would move was concentrated into a few powerful people's hands. Not only that, but even if you did have your own small factory, actually selling your items was difficult. It was a costly and risky business, and many boutiques went bust because they lacked the oxygen of publicity required to even be seen by the public. Many didn't even bother starting up businesses because of the risks - their fashion ideas went unrealised.

Thankfully, in 2018, technology has democtratised fashion and allowed individuals to not only create their own fashion items from home, but also market them from the comfort of their own home too. Nowadays, it's common for people to create their own t-shirt designs (with their own heat-press equipment), bespoke jewellery, and tailor their own dresses and suits...while being able to sell them via the internet (eBay, Etsy, their very own websites). This has been a boon for the fashionistas looking for a unique look - they're truly spoiled for choice these days.

It's no surprise to me that the high street fashion shops are struggling. They cannot offer the sheer range of fashion that's available online. Fashion has at last found its natural stride - it was always meant to be about individuality, and now at last people can truly express themselves as individuals rather than being forced to follow trends dictated by powerful fashion moguls.

Furthermore, there's a lot of experimentation going on thanks to this explosion of online boutiques - even experiments with materials - from to clay!

Some things were always meant to be small - and fashion is one of those things. Fashion rarely scales up when people want to express themselves in their own way.

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