Christmas Gift Ideas for Fashion Lovers

Christmas seems to come around faster every year. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, the winter months might drag a little, but before you know it, flowers begin to bloom, the first sunny days appear and then it's time to start thinking about the festive season.

Picking the perfect gifts for your loved ones is always a big task, and it's especially daunting to buy for those fashion lovers in your life. Stylish and trendy, they have good taste and always look put together. Oftentimes when faced with such a challenging present recipient, we throw in the towel and go for a voucher or gift card. This year you can impress your friends and family with a hand-picked and personal present, thanks to The Gift Hunter's guide to Christmas gift ideas for fashion lovers.

Female fashionistas
We'll start with the fashion-loving female fashionistas. They come in a very wide range of shapes and sizes, so we don't recommend buying clothes that require a close fit (like pants and fitted shirts) unless you are absolutely certain of the measurements of the lady in question. Don't worry, you will be left with many possibilities for Christmas presents for

Accessories, of course, are a top pick, offering much more flexibility sizing-wise but just as important to fashion lovers as the clothes themselves. We recommend customising your gift choice to the style and personality of the woman for whom you are buying, but avoid anything too far out of the box in case it's not their thing - so think about their own individual fashion sense, then err slightly on the side of elegant and understated. It might be something cute and sassy like these XO stud earrings, or small and simple, like this baby cross necklace.

Jewellery is not the only option, either - you could opt for a more practical Christmas gift for your fashion lover, with a stylish twist to suit their aesthetic. This marble drink bottle is a good example of something that is useful and pretty at the same time!

If you do decide to go down the clothing route, you're a brave soul. Perhaps refrain from buying statement pieces, and stick to high-quality classics. Alternatively, you could go in for sleepwear - it's hard to go wrong with pyjamas or a nice robe!

Fashion-forward gifts for men
It's not just women who are into all things fashion - there are some stylish guys out there, too, and they can be just as picky and tough to buy for as their female counterparts. The same advice as above applies here, too - we suggest you avoid buying clothes that require a good fit, unless you are intimately familiar with the sizing of the gentleman for whom you are purchasing them.

Some great Christmas gift ideas for stylish men include accessories like this socks box full of multicoloured and fabulously patterned cozy foot coverings. We know socks are a typical boring Christmas present for blokes, but these are snazzy enough to appeal to any fashion-loving guy. The same theory applies to many other accessories for men. Get him something he needs and uses often, but with added flair. You might want something that's even more practical than socks, whilst still catering to your gift recipient's fashionable aesthetic - that could mean a sleek key holder or an elegant, masculine bag to hold his bits and pieces.

With these tips in mind, take a look around at our curated collection of gifts for You're sure to find something to make your fashion-loving partner, family member or friend happy this festive season!

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