Buying British Jewellery Makes Sense

Guilty Bangles is a leading independent retailer specialising in sterling silver bangles and is based in the UK. Serving the UK and exporting worldwide, Guilty Bangles has evolved as an independent jewellery company that promotes British based silversmiths.

The new range of exclusive silver bangles are just that, exclusive to Guilty bangles and are all handmade in the UK by British silversmiths. In the modern internet based world, ascertaining the quality of jewellery is difficult, especially of its origin of manufacture. Many retailers don't make clear the country of origin of their jewellery, with the vast amount now being manufactured in the far east. The UK really does have a strong base and tradition within jewellery, a rich heritage of supplying the finest quality jewellery from experienced silversmiths.

At Guilty Bangles, we are proud to support British manufacturing and British silversmiths as we feel that there is definitely a stronger ethic of high quality production, craftsmanship and raw materials. Our exclusive range therefore reflects this with all bangles being made from solid sterling silver. It is sometimes the case that you purchase what you think is a solid product when it is actually hollow, a mechanism used to keep the costs of producing a piece of jewellery down. As jewellery is typically valued by weight as well as quality of craftsmanship, having a solid piece provides reassurance as to the value of the bangle that you are buying.

We do use standard suppliers that are British based for some of our lower priced range products, these can be found in the Guilty ladies silver bangles range. However, we only use reputable suppliers and even the lower priced imported pieces are assayed at a UK assay office. All of the bangles sold by Guilty are hallmarked and assayed at a UK assay office as genuine 925 sterling silver.

In some cases, especially with low price pieces, it simply isn't possible for a British silversmith to compete with low cost products produced abroad utilising low cost labour. However, with higher priced products, there really is no need to import as it is perfectly feasible to have your silver bangle made in the UK.

Before you buy your next piece of jewellery, make sure that you find out where it is made. You can support British jobs, traditions and craftsmanship by buying your jewellery from UK based suppliers like Guilty Bangles selling UK manufactured products like our exclusive solid silver bangles. Not only does this support a traditional industry and jobs, it is also environmentally friendly with a lower impact on the environment from shipping. You also have the backing of stronger laws so purchasing jewellery made in the UK is guaranteed to contains the metals that are advertised.