Belts: It's a Hold Up!

Many people wouldn't believe that my favorite fashion item is a...a...belt. Believe it or not. I was that one person to rarely wear a belt. Then I walkied into a cheap designer store and discovered this black 8inch thick belt. It's my best accessory in my wardrobe. If I get a dress that is too big or doesn't quite shape right, my trusty belt is there to make it look fabtabulous. That's not a typo. It's a mixture of fabulous and fantastic.

Amazingly, it gives my body new design in virtually any dress. Not to mention my belt seems to go along great with quite a few of my heels. This was by chance because when I saw the belt I never thought about if it match anything that I own. Some of my heels are black so my belt fits right in. It is absolutley amazing how that happened. Believe me that's why my belt is my best fashion item. I have said a hundred times how much of a great accessory that this has been to my wardrobe. My belt works with baby doll dresses, short dresses, and long dresses. I even took it to the limit one day. I had a risque shirt that could have went for a dress, but yes it's a shirt. The dress shirt fits right in the middle of the thighs.

However, with my belt, it goes from a shirt to a short dress. I look amazing in it all because of my belt. I don't even worry about the public looking at me like I'm wearing a shirt. Fashion accessories are vital items for a girl or a guy in touch with his feminine side. The best feature of my favorite fashion item was the price. Remember earlier when I said, "a cheap clothing store". I paid $6.99 for my belt. Wow! I have gotten my money a thousand times over. Plus, I have corrected a few fashion nightmares with this easy to use fashion item. It hasn't faded, the holes have warped, and the elastic is still great. The buckle is working as strong as ever. Go and get yourself a belt if you want to enhance your wardrobe, you keeping pulling your pants up, or you find yourself sporting the "saggy pants" look. I love my belt. Again, it's my best fashion accessory and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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