Add a Fashionable Twist to Halloween

The Halloween season is a time of the year that requires from all the women around to think with their imagination and humor in order to create the most original, impressive and funky look and even without having to spend enough money. All you need to do is to take some clothes of your wardrobe or even mom's one. The final result will be regarding to your current mood, either you want to be sexy or funky or femme fatale or romantic in one of those self-made items. Here are some options you can make with your own clothes.

Maid: Wear your favorite black dress that you sure have in the wardrobe and combine it with a white apron, a black ribbon and one of your home-made dulls. For more sexy effect, wear socks with lace finishing.

60's girl: Those who love geometric shapes in your style will definitely have a dress with diamonds, circles, triangles and many colors.Combine it with a pair of round glasses, colored earrings and a cultured scarf worn on the head. If you are not sure then you can have look at products to get a generalized idea.

Geisha: The kimono style is already in the trendy bitsof this season so you can only use it in your carnival look. Wear over total black dress and pay attention to your hair & make up look. More specifically, do a geisha goose with the chopsticks you can have at home or even with a wooden pencil and apply black eyeliner and red lipstick only to the center of your lips.

Gypsy queen: A maxi skirt preferably printed, with a simple shirt in any shade that does not necessarily match the skirt and a woolscarf with scarf is what you need. The ethnic jewels of the summer in their exaggeration will give you the result you want.

Criminal: For those who want to disguise something funnier,you can borrow from your friend's wardrobe a suit, a shirt, a tie, and the brogues you may have in your wardrobe. A big gold ring, a hat and a clove in the pocket of the jacket will be great for the finish.

Cat woman:

You will need a leather pants or a vinyl collage and a fitting black corset. The matching shoes are the black high heel boots: the higher they are, the better. If you have leather gloves and a whip, even better. Or a black eye mask only. The hair should be worn tightly. Makeup has to refer to wild cats, so do not puncture the eyeliner and the big mascara to make a sexy and kissing look! For even darker results, she should also chose a lipstick in dark burgundy or black.


Low cowboy booties with a little heel, jeans shorts or jeans skirt, a plaid shirt on topand ready. All you will need to buy from the market is a cowboy hat! If you do not have a plaid shirt, you can put a simple black or white shirt with a jean jacket or a waistcoat over the top.

Marilyn Monroe:

Your simple-cool and sexy-white dress that you wear only in the summer, it's time to save you. Drop this piece out of your wardrobe and combine it with high heels of red or black. Make special emphasis on makeup, putting eyeliner and bright red lipstick. You may need to buy a blonde wig from the trade. For those who are already blonde, it is enough to make carefree curls.

Pin-up Girl:

Another outfit that highlights your femininity! High-heeled pants or jeans worn with a short close-knit shirt tied in front. Alternatively, a tall (balloon or pence) skirt and a cropped top on top. The matching shoes are the classic heels, preferably peep-toe. Do not forget to pay special attention to wool, which must be "overproduction" with ribbons, bandanas, scarves on an eccentric hairstyle! Bright colors and makeup with intense fuchsia or red lips and you are ready.

There is also the most classic solution and the easiest one, even though it is not so girly. Being a clown in this year's Halloween is going to be very successful and trendy, and a very famous movie is responsible for that. The only thing you are going to need is a red nose and your dad's big pair of trousers. If you have curly hair, it is much better, because you do not have to do nothing in order to have the curly hair of the clown.

Whatever you choose, do it in a way that is going to be funny and joyful. It is Halloween after all! Enjoy the time and be a child again.

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