About My Yellow PINK shirt

I purchased this yellow PINK shirt at Victoria's Secret when I used to work there, along with several other shirts of the same style but a different color. It was meant to be an oversized pajama shirt. I bought it many sizes smaller so it would be more fitted. I used to wear this yellow shirt when I went out with my friends with a trendy pair of jeans and matching bright yellow flip-flops. While my friends wore their black tank tops and flashy sequin tops, I wore my yellow PINK shirt. I was telling the people in whatever club or bar we went to, that by wearing this shirt I was casual, laid back, low maintenance, and it showed just enough cleavage to be sexy if I wanted to attract a guy. I liked that I could wear this shirt without showing too much skin. The material is breathable. I was always comfortable when I wore it. The color was a bright yellow, which made me stand out. This shirt was the ultimate going out weapon.

If truth be told, men are more attracted to women who can be casual yet subtly sexy. Not only did it get great responses with the male population, but I could even come home after I was done with my night on the town, throw my hair up in a messy bun, a pair of pajama shorts and go right to bed. The fabric was, in fact, so breathable it was ideal to wear over a sports bra when I went to the gym to work out. All around, this shirt was the perfect shirt for any occasion, dinner date, dance party, sleep time, working out and lounging around. Iíve had it for three years and it is still in great shape. It was the most inexpensive comfort shirt Iíve ever had.

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