A Quick Dive Into the History of the Bikini

The history of a bikini is found in many different cultures and locations. All around the world and across continents there are bikinis of many different designs and patterns that are made use of by different people and different kinds of activities. Bikinis have gained more importance as a form of fashion in various countries over the years and have even caught the attention of the fashion experts and designers who are trying to extend the bikini out to a wider group of women.

The history of the bikini goes back several centuries in Asia. The burkini is the latest adaptation and inspiration for the bikini since it was introduced into India about a two decades ago. The burkini has been adopted by the various other Muslim countries and has started to be used by women all over the world. In recent days the burkini has been adopted by women in the Western regions of Europe as well and has started being worn by the rich and famous as well.

There is no doubt that the history of the bikini is still with us but it has a long way to go. Most bikinis today are still seen as a type of outer wear that is meant for beach activities and sports. The style of the bikini that was used in the past is certainly no longer relevant because it has changed in most of the ways in the course of its history.

The history of the bikini can be traced back to the Neolithic period, when man started wearing this very simple item of clothing as a form of clothing. Originally the bikini had only a single strip of fabric in it and a few cups that served the purpose of holding the breasts up. As the size of the woman got bigger a larger piece of fabric was added to the bikini so that she could still carry her body weight comfortably.

The use of the bikini is also traced back to the Indus Valley civilization of India. In those days it was not unusual for women to go about naked in the presence of other men. It was common place for them to take off their entire outfit, from the waist down to the feet and start swimming and bathing in the nude. A piece of clothing that resembled a bikini was worn by women with more modesty, according to historical records.

The bikini has changed and evolved in many ways. What may have been a simple piece of cloth a few decades ago is now a form of fashion has carried the bikini to many places all over the world.

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