13 Major Mistakes Men Make When Choosing Engagement Rings

Most guys don't spend a lot of time thinking about engagements or weddings, but every guy knows how important engagements and weddings are for women. When it comes to engagement rings, I recommend that you follow this list I have compiled if you want to pick the perfect one for her. Save yourself some embarrassment, pick up a pen, find the nearest sheet of paper, and pay close attention to the 13 major mistakes you can make when choosing the right ring for her.

1- Spend as Much as You Can

The rule of thumb when determining what the cost of the ring should be is to multiply your monthly income by two. Of course, you can spend more or even less than double your monthly salary. After all, it is just a rule of thumb. The key is to make sure you're not setting yourself up for failure by being a cheapskate or spending more money than you can afford and winding up in a bind down the road. If you stick to the rest of the tips listed here, you should have no problem finding something in a suitable price range.

2- Believe Online Shopping Will Fail You

People are leery of shopping online, but you should have nothing to worry about when shopping with online jewelry stores. There are several ways to find out if online shoppers have been satisfied or not, and having a bad reputation will follow a business online in a profound way. A little research will let you know if they can be trusted.

3- Avoid Using Intelligence

You're a smart man, right? Use your head and do some recon work to help you find out what she wants and make the right choice.

4- Underestimate The Other Guys

Don't always depend on jewelry stores with big names; you can find top of the line quality for great prices with many jewelers who aren't as well known. If you have concerns about getting shafted, refer to the second bullet on this list and do a little research.

5- Not Browsing With Caution

Unless you want to purposely ruin the surprise, never look at anything concerning engagement rings online without using your incognito browser. Otherwise, you can bet on her finding out.

6- Shopping in Peak Seasons

If you're really concerned with getting what you pay for, do not shop in the months of November, December, January, or the first half of February. This is the time period when jewelers are anticipating the most sales and, as a result, they mark up their stock by as much as 30%. If you're following this guide, you should be planning for this in advance. If you're planning for this in advance, you should have no problem staying away from spending an additional 30%.

7- Entirely Depend On A Friend

I don't care if you can trust her best friend or mother completely, never depend on one person to give you all the answers or make all the decisions. After all, you couldn't make the decisions.

8- Rush The Process

Everything takes time. Selecting the ring, having it sized, planning the proposal, and everything in between should be given ample amount of time or you'll find yourself rushing to meet a deadline.

9- Disregard The Paper

Every diamond is graded on its quality and you have the right to a certification stating the grade of the diamond you purchase. Don't get a ring without the certification.

10-Trust All Salesmen/Customer Care Personnel

This is pretty self-explanatory. Double-check everything to be sure they keep their word to you and that you're not getting overcharged.

11- Size Does Matter

The size of the stone does matter to a lot of women, but not all. You'll want the ring to fit when you make the proposal. Just for future reference, most women wear a size 6 or 6.5 size ring. Get a hold of a ring she already wears to be sure.

12- It's All About the Rock

You wouldn't buy a mansion with the same size yard as a two bedroom house, would you? The gemstone might be the star of most engagement rings, but without the proper supporting cast, you won't be bringing home an Oscar. An elegant, yet sturdy, setting that flows with the diamond will always score extra points with the future wife.

13- Make A Hasty Decision

Take your time when choosing the winning engagement ring. Look around, compare prices, compare rings, and compare warranties. Shop smarter by being picky and not rushing your decision. The more time you spend in making your selection, the more she will appreciate the final result.

Using this list as a guideline, you'll be successful in selecting the perfect match out of the sea of engagement rings. Picking the right ring will get your marriage off on the right foot, and a successful start will put you ahead in the race.

Article kindly provided by manlystuff.ie